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Lv speedy25 gift for mom review

Lv speedy25 gift for mom review

Lv speedy25 shoulder straps gift for mom
The young lady who received the new package must be very excited and very happy. Then she started to worry about it in a few days. The jeans faded to the bag, how to deal with all kinds of dirty stains, and how to deal with the hardware. I will tell you about the nursing update after getting the new package today. ❤️

first step! First get the lv new package must be smeared! Apply oil! Apply oil! [Important things say three times] The smear is to enhance the waterproof, oil-proof and anti-dirty ability of the color-changing skin! And I personally think that the honey color is the best color. What kind of oil is wiped? The first article [French Flavours] is a very detailed introduction.

The second step! Wipe the hardware regularly with a silver cloth! This matter is also very important, because once you ignore this, your hardware will be oxidized and blackened, and even more serious is that it is difficult to get rid of the bag! Wipe the price of silver cloth and buy a gilt-free silver cloth. If you buy it cheaply, you can wipe it clean. 💛

The third must! Decontamination cream, here I have personal experience with tears recommend this artifact. See Figure 3.4 for details. Because I forgot to rub the hardware, the oxidation turned black and dyed onto the bag. The color at the beginning was really very difficult to read. At that time, the photo was not taken clearly, and it was much better after using the decontamination cream in Figure 4. 💚

The fourth must-have recommendation! Coach cleaner for all leather bags! Even the delicate sheepskin can be used, lv all-inclusive can be used with leather, I used to wipe the old flowers, a bottle of detergent a bottle of oil.

How to use: Clean with a cleanser, air dry for 30 minutes, then apply to the coach’s maintenance oil. Note that it is normal to darken the color slightly after the cleaning agent is applied. After drying, it will not be printed. 💙

Fifth recommendation! See Figure 7. Metal polishing paste is also called copper paste. It is used for the hardware which is particularly severe in oxidation and has serious black spot stains. It can not be wiped off with silver cloth. When wiping, it is best to use a tape to stick the outer ring of the hardware to protect it (the stain is harder to clean on the skin), and then wipe the hardware with a cotton cloth to restore the smoothness. But this method is used with caution! Not particularly bad and not recommended.

The above content is the nursing update of the [French Pack] version. For the first and second mentioned, the oyster sauce and decontamination cream [French strip] have detailed explanations. What else do you miss? Miss sister welcomes the message and everyone discusses ~💜

————————————————Division line supplement

There are some young ladies and sisters who don’t know the difference between “decontamination cream” and “coach cleaning kit”. Let me talk about it here.

Decontamination cream is a first-aid product, used for all stains, jeans dyeing, etc… Used in small areas, where is the dirty and rubbed.

Coach cleaning kit, belonging to daily care products, all-inclusive, in addition to the package for lv, like a wandering bag, etc. All leather can be used!

Strictly speaking, there are two kinds of coaches, one is leather leather for leather bags, and the other is pvc cleaner. I bought this leather care. Strictly speaking, the old flower is not a leather, but pvc. I also use it to clean the old flowers, so I saved a bottle of pvc money. I am worried about the usage or the young lady who is paying attention to buy pvc~

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where can get cheap designer bags lv speedy 25

where can get cheap designer bags lv speedy 25

Size: 25 x 19 x 15 cm (length x height x width)
Every design of this Speedy is classic: unique pocket shape, leather handle, Damier Azur canvas, no wonder it can be popular around the world. Designed for travellers in 1930 (the name is a tribute to the fast-moving transport that was developed in the past), the belt is a casual cross-body. It is the ideal urban handbag, soft, lightweight, and always stylish.

My birthday present, at first I wanted nano, my husband also called to the counter to ask, people say that they have been out of stock, think about it or buy an easy to buy. Later, I was asked by a college student who was studying in France. At first, my husband was afraid that I couldn’t catch up with my birthday before I received it. I insisted on going to the counter to buy it. However, the price of the counter was more than 3,000 yuan more expensive than France. I really didn’t think so. France is really the cheapest place to buy lv. I have asked the price of duty-free shops in Japan and South Korea through other friends. Now it is more than 9,000, and the French 980 Euro is less than 7200 or not refundable (because friends are There is no way to refund the tax on a student visa. If a friend who travels to France buys a tax and buys a tax, it is just like a white card.)

Later, my classmates helped find a human media agent, and the human flesh came back. I have to sigh here that the purchasing industry is strong. I was very worried about the process of human flesh, thinking that I was looking for someone to come back. Later, my classmates said that this has already formed an industry. The students from Paris bought things, and then through these intermediaries, they gave people meat fees, and some travel groups coming to Paris to bring them back, and then unified domestic delivery, he said that the purchase of Paris Many of them have done this, and they have not found any wrangling, which has also dispelled my concerns. The bag returned to the country just after the rush to the New Year courier did not take orders, delayed some time, although it was received after the birthday, but still very happy.

My height 166 thinks that the size of 25 is just right, I don’t really like the big bag. A treasure bought a bag of 45 yuan, the quality is knocked out, put it inside to hold the bag up, become very type, and also divided the compartment to install things will not mess! Super recommended package! ! In addition, I have entangled the problem of belts and straps. After all, a belt of 2,000 pieces, after a handful of back, I want to say that buying a belt will definitely not regret it!