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cheap designer belts FAQ

cheap designer belts FAQ

1 where to buy cheap designer belts?
Cheap designer belts = replcia belts in the customer concept of most European and American countries,
I can tell you that there are many places where you can buy cheap designer belts, like instgram, Amazon, facebook, ioffer, and some Chinese shopping platforms like aliexpress, dhgate.
If you buy a lot of risk on the social platform, the payment is offline, your money is not guaranteed, and then most of these sellers are second-hand resources, basically from the place to buy it and then resell it to you, Relatively high price
China’s famous aliexpress and dhgate websites can buy imitation cards, but the quality is not necessarily the best. There are a lot of sellers on the platform. They will set the price to be low, vicious competition, and then take Low quality products are sold to you

2 Which designer belt is the best?
There is no doubt that Hermès belts are the best, Hermès brand is a noble brand, Hermes brand has a long history and exquisite workmanship. The material selection is also very particular, and Hermes not only makes cowhide, but also crocodile skin, and each product is completely handmade.

3.How much does a Ferragamo belt cost?
Ferragamo belts range in price from $300 to $1,000, depending on the choice of belt material, and some limited editions will be more expensive, such as belts made from ostrich and crocodile skins.

4 belt size guide

80cm80 / 31.5423828
85cm85 / 33.5444030
90cm90 / 35.4464232
95cm95 / 37.4484434
100cm100 / 39.4504636
105cm105 / 41.3524838
110cm110 / 43.3545040
115cm115 / 45.3565242
120cm120 / 47.2585444

for example your pants size is 28 so 80cm belts fit your waist