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cheap designer belts FAQ

cheap designer belts FAQ

1 where to buy cheap designer belts?
Cheap designer belts = replcia belts in the customer concept of most European and American countries,
I can tell you that there are many places where you can buy cheap designer belts, like instgram, Amazon, facebook, ioffer, and some Chinese shopping platforms like aliexpress, dhgate.
If you buy a lot of risk on the social platform, the payment is offline, your money is not guaranteed, and then most of these sellers are second-hand resources, basically from the place to buy it and then resell it to you, Relatively high price
China’s famous aliexpress and dhgate websites can buy imitation cards, but the quality is not necessarily the best. There are a lot of sellers on the platform. They will set the price to be low, vicious competition, and then take Low quality products are sold to you

2 Which designer belt is the best?
There is no doubt that Hermès belts are the best, Hermès brand is a noble brand, Hermes brand has a long history and exquisite workmanship. The material selection is also very particular, and Hermes not only makes cowhide, but also crocodile skin, and each product is completely handmade.

3.How much does a Ferragamo belt cost?
Ferragamo belts range in price from $300 to $1,000, depending on the choice of belt material, and some limited editions will be more expensive, such as belts made from ostrich and crocodile skins.

4 belt size guide

80cm80 / 31.5423828
85cm85 / 33.5444030
90cm90 / 35.4464232
95cm95 / 37.4484434
100cm100 / 39.4504636
105cm105 / 41.3524838
110cm110 / 43.3545040
115cm115 / 45.3565242
120cm120 / 47.2585444

for example your pants size is 28 so 80cm belts fit your waist

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cheap designer gucci Padlock new backpack bags

cheap designer gucci Padlock new backpack bags

498194 Padlock new backpack. Exquisite special chain strap. Adjustable leather shoulder strap, can also be converted into a slung long shoulder strap. Original leather size: 21.52110cm400320

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cheap designer bags The GUCCI shopping bag that office workers must buy is too good to carry

cheap designer bags The GUCCI shopping bag that office workers must buy is too good to carry

Before I saw it, I didn’t really like the GUCCI shopping bag. But when I went to Shanghai in April, I saw a little brother carrying one! WDM, I can (?) so I always want to enter a GUCCI shopping bag.
Before I looked at it, I was about to set up a shopping bag for ordinary presbyopia. But the new Ophidia series launched by GUCCI 19 in spring and summer is too high. I can’t forget his face when I look at the official website.
BUT! The price of the official website 1W4 is really too persuaded to go back and take a look at the excellent luxury easy to find ~7K+ also online identification! OMG, 50% off! I am a fool if I don’t start, 😝😝😝
After I get it, it’s really a must for office workers, especially big! Because I am doing new media, so the computer is a must-have thing every day, my 13-inch MAC BOOK is more than enough to put in, and can put something else!
At the same time, this GUCCI shopping bag is still a mother-in-law bag, with a small coin purse, key change headphones, I am in it, it is safer~
Incidentally, this GUCCI shopping bag has many other graffiti prints. Personally, it is not very recommended. In the first place, there will be more clothes in the graffiti; secondly, the presbyopia is already very classic, but with graffiti, it is a bit of a superfluous a feeling of

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cheap designer handbag saint laurent sac de jour tote

cheap designer handbag saint laurent sac de jour tote

cheap designer handbag saint laurent sac de jour tote,Wine red, organ bag top original upgrade!! Imported crocodile pattern cowhide Inner import lambskin WOW… soft texture sac de jour… Compared to the original classic shape, it is more cool, because of the hardware, it becomes more aggressive! Authentic ¥ 21500, genuine mold opening, no gap! Access to the counter is even more stress-free! The inner compartment of the bag can be taken out as a handbag, with a large capacity! The upper body is extremely atmospheric! Model: 421863, size: medium 26cm

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designer belts cheap for women 68$

designer belts cheap for women

Good fortune | How to choose the chanle belt? These two are enough.
The belt is a must-have item for the little fairies.

In addition to the material of the leather, I think the two most important points are the width of the belt and the design of the belt buckle! In addition, the color of the belt that is not wrong and versatile is still black.

☝ belt buckle selection: gold all metal will be slightly rigid, full hollow will be somewhat old-fashioned retro, full diamond too flashing too exaggerated, full pearl color will be too white and abrupt; buckle size not too large, to reflect the low-key beauty (unless It is a special dress for a concave shape alternative)

So~ If you don’t want to buy too many belts, it’s like a special section of me, a classic style to get ~

☝ belt width choice: finer and more elegant female, thicker and more handsome hard core

So~ If you don’t want to buy too many belts, it’s like a thick and thin one that fits perfectly with every occasion.

☝ with: dress, jumpsuit, jeans, suit, coat

The belt has always been a good piece that can easily change the overall style. It also stretches the legs while visualizing the waistline.

Here are two of my only ones:

[CHANEL double C belt] Chanel Chanel

💎 2018, black half-woven and half-cub diamond buckle (do not choose too thick lines on a daily basis), the belt is soft plaid calfskin width 3cm;

💎The overall texture and exquisiteness are just right, highlighting the positioning of the grandmother’s brand

About 8000RMB

[Gucci classic double G thin belt] ladies pearl double G buckle leather belt belt 75 black

💎 succinct and simple, workplace and daily versatile weapon

💎 2cm thin belt

About 3000RMB

Grasp the choice of the width of the belt and the design of the belt buckle. The little fairies can safely choose the brand they like.

Promise me, you will be careful and collect attention to me. Thank you.

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cheap designer belts dior saddle black belt 68$

cheap designer belts dior saddle black belt

cheap designer belts dior saddle black belt,The DIOR belt was purchased at HK$3,800 in Hong Kong, China. The price is not very cost-effective, and the price is similar to the official website. The price in Europe should be the best. It seems to be the new year of this year. The Lotte Duty Free Shop in Korea said that it was not in June when it was asked. It was not found in the UK in July. When I was shopping in Hong Kong, I looked at it by the way. Actually, I started.

The better point of this belt is that the length can be adjusted, no need to punch holes or cut off a section, but also more versatile, suit jacket, jeans, whatever can be matched. Looks like Gucci’s belt, but this is nylon, with a dot pattern is not bad.

Figure 3 is a double-sided belt of Ferragamo, purchased from Lotte Duty Free Shop. The price should be 2000➕. I bought a pink one side of the pink one. Figure 4 is what I shot at the time. There are still many styles. Qing also discounted. Some materials seem to be cloth, and individuals still like leather. This was originally bought for my mother, but I also thought that it can be used from time to time. If the length is not suitable, you can find a hole or cut a section, but you should estimate it. My mom is too cut, and it feels a little short when it is not particularly good. This hole is quite small, and the hole must be selected.

Figure 5 is for my dad, I chose the gold buckle on the left, it looks bright and has a grade, it is also double-sided, 450 US dollars, no discount at the time. The length is two sizes to choose from, I am afraid that I will buy the longest one. If you don’t think about it, I suggest you choose a longer one. Take it home and cut it short.

Finally, I want to talk about this price. The price in Europe is really cheap. I bought less than 3,000 for my dad. Later I saw in the UK that as long as 2400 or before tax, my friend was in a certain country in Europe (specific place) Forgot to see) I also want to see 2000 or pre-tax prices. So if you can, it is best to buy in Europe.

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CHEAP DESIGNER BAS Gucci new men’s briefcase

CHEAP DESIGNER BAS Gucci new men's briefcase

Gucci new men’s briefcase, [model number] 406367, [Specifications] 342510cm ten years to build GUCCI, the global market top GUCCI exclusive control, strong quality plus good after-sales service and we work together to solve all your worries, Finding us is equivalent to finding a perfect GUCCI store. Absolutely exclusive quality

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cheap designer bags Monogram Kitten PASSPORT

cheap designer bags Monogram Kitten PASSPORT

cheap designer bags Monogram Kitten PASSPORT,Monogram Kitten PASSPORT, Passport Clip This long clip is decorated with a pattern to tell the story of nature. There are four compartments. The design is equipped with four credit card slots and two convenient pockets. It is light and compact, easy to carry…
Material: top (overseas original)
Size: 10142.5 0220

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cheap designer bag Armand medium briefcase

cheap designer bag Armand medium briefcase

cheap designer bag Armand medium briefcase,The Armand medium briefcase is made from soft Taurillon grained cowhide with delicate stitching letters to welcome the 2019 autumn. Elegant lines wrap multiple functional designs, with a large zip compartment for laptops. Two top handles for easy carrying and adjustable shoulder straps for easy slashing. Size: 38.0 x 29.0 x 8.0 cm

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cheap designer Padlock medium GG shoulder bag

cheap designer Padlock medium GG shoulder bag

cheap designer Padlock medium GG shoulder bag,Locked shoulder strap shoulder bag. Features a generous and comfortable accommodation, office workers can accommodate A4 paper computer, short-distance travel can put a few clothes and basic daily necessities. Out of the street is also the best choice. Lot number 479197 meters white. Size: 35x23x14cm. Original quality.

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cheap designer belts NEO TRUNK 40MM REVERSIBLE 80$

cheap designer belts NEO TRUNK 40MM REVERSIBLE

cheap designer belts NEO TRUNK 40MM REVERSIBLE The Neo Trunk 40mm reversible belt is a testament to Louis Vuitton’s expertise in metal craftsmanship. The square plate buckle, complete with a studded frame and trunk corner detailing, alludes to the House’s trunk-making heritage. The strap is reversible, with Damier canvas on one side and plain calf leather on the other, allowing for two different looks

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cheap designer Fendi Baguette wool bag

cheap designer Fendi Baguette wool bag

Fendi Baguette wool baguette bag
In the past few years, I have always been very sensible in buying a package. Unless I can start with a single heart, this Fendi FF logo wool bag is just that! I bought it at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. At that time, there was only one display for the counter. I didn’t want it, so I switched from a store in takashimaya to a new one. When taking the bag, the buckle film and the shoulder strap cover are all in place. The overall feeling of fendi is that there is no chanel and hermes exquisite. Especially for the wool, the logos on both sides are not completely symmetrical, and it is entangled that I wanted to take the display bag. Later, I felt that it was a handmade thing, and each one had a different shackle. After reading this little red book, I also had a variety of asymmetry and imperfections.

Every autumn and winter, there is really no resistance to the hairy things. I hope that the weather will get cold soon.

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cheap designer belts LV SHAPE 40 MM BELT MP238U 80$

cheap designer belts LV SHAPE 40 MM BELT MP238U

cheap designer belts LV SHAPE 40 MM BELT MP238U,The LV Shape 40MM belt features a twisted version of the iconic LV Initials buckle. With a gommato finish, the Taurillon leather strap is subtly embossed with the LV Monogram for a tonal nod to the hallmark House motif. The bold red shade is designed to perfectly match Leather Goods from the Spring-Summer 2019 collection.


Material:Genuine leather

belt width:40MM

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cheap designer belts MP130T LV INITIALES 40MM REVERSIBLE BELT 80$

cheap designer belts MP130T LV INITIALES 40MM REVERSIBLE BELT
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cheap designer belts louisvuitton SIGNATURE 35MM BELT 80$

cheap designer belts louisvuitton SIGNATURE 35MM BELT

cheap designer belts louisvuitton SIGNATURE 35MM BELT,The Signature 35mm belt is a modern reimagining of the Signature belt that first debuted at the Spring-Summer 2019 Men’s Show. Crafted from Monogram-printed washed denim and lined with classic calf leather, it harmonizes perfectly with the Leather Goods Collection. The buckle is finished with aged gold-tone metal and features Virgil Abloh’s handwritten signature etched on the side.

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cheap designer belts LV supreme reversible belt red leather 80$

cheap designer belts LV supreme reversible belt red leather
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cheap designer belts hermes blue togo leather belts 80$

cheap designer belts hermes blue togo leather belts Hermes reversible blue belt, gold and silver belt buckle
Togo leather, packaging includes original orange Hermes box, Hong Kong invoice, Hermes exclusive ribbon, belt size 80cm-110cm, belt length can not be adjusted, the belt has three holes at the end, the belt head and tail are eight-shaped, global shipping

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cheap designer belts lv belt measurement method

lv belt measurement method

This focus: lv belt measurement method! !

This belt is the belt that my husband loved at first sight!

I don’t feel anything special! Frosted leather! very common!

Brown inside! The texture is ok! The silver head of the pants is also low-key!

The logo will not be too eye-opening! It is the child’s dish, hahaha!

Next, let’s talk about the key measurement methods!

How can people buy a suitable belt when they are not there? ? ? ?

Method 1: Go to the counter to try, borrow someone else’s belt to try, find a purchase to save money!

The first method is nonsense! Hahaha!

Method 2: Take out a meter ruler! Measure your waistline! Measure XXcm!

Then go to the counter and take out a belt, and measure the position from the head to the third hole of the belt! If your XXcm matches the number of cm in the counter to the third hole! Then this belt is your belt! Hahaha!

Why is the third? ? ? ?

Because there are 5 holes in a belt, the third perfect golden ratio hole!

The most gentle position on the tie with the pants button is the best position!

So don’t be too big or too small! Millions of carefully!

The belt is not as comfortable as the clothes, bigger and smaller!

If you are afraid that the size is not suitable, buy a Ferragamo belt!

Its home belt does not have to choose, buy the biggest number!

Come back and cut it yourself! This post is more difficult! Recommended to collect!

Hahahaha, I recommend taking it out when I buy a belt later!

Pay attention to my bag and love you. If you have any questions, please answer them patiently!

Be sure to pay attention! Hahahaha!

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cheap designer belts LV CITY 35MM REVERSIBLE BELT 80$


LV 2018 new Reversible men’s belt 5250 Hong Kong dollars, the belt head can be twisted, that side can also be used, so there are two styles of belts!
Why go to landmark to buy luxury goods, because the brand is complete! !

There are so many people in Harbour City, most of them are tourists. Come to landmark to buy things. If you don’t have to go to IFC, you can find them. It’s very convenient!

The LV City 35mm Reversible Belt offers a stylish choice between two different leather finishes. Plain calf leather on one side creates a sophisticated look, while the embossed Damier motif on the other provides a more branded option. The brand new LV buckle is the ideal width for suits and comes with shiny black ruthenium finish for a tone-on-tone effect.

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cheap designer belts louisvuitton PONT NEUF 35MM belt M0000S 80$

cheap designer louisvuitton PONT NEUF 35MM belt M0000S

This business buckle provides a perfect option for more understated looks. Coloured edge dying adds a twist to the Taiga leather strap, with an LV cutout contributing a subtle branded touch

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cheap designer belts LV REVERSO belt 40MM REVERSIBLE 80$


louisvuitton Monogram White canvas, this is new animation of the Reverso buckle makes a strong fashion statement. 40mm reversible option makes it two belts in one, with a summery white side complemented by casual navy

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cheap designer belts gucci Leather belt with Horsebit

cheap gucci Leather belt with Horsebit

gucci Original quality Width 30mm Item No. 488939 APOOT 6317 Double-sided imported calfs Bronze stainless steel pin buckles Plus horse buckles Horses can be worn forwards or backwards One belt offers two shapes Black and red Two colors 00168175

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cheap designer Gucci tote shopping bag review

cheap designer Gucci tote shopping bag review

Following Gucci’s big shoulders, the favorite package, business travel can be loaded, notebooks, business travel materials, water cups, eye masks, jackets, charging treasure, vitamins all-in, with windbreakers, with cowboys are very good-looking, carrying the market tone Very fashionable, really the most used shopping bag, the four corners will wear out for a long time, but it does not affect, the overall is still very resistant, this should be liked by people who like it very much, people who don’t like it feel uncomfortable!

The last figure of the self-timer in the elevator, after the filming, called the property and asked them to clean the elevator. The handprints were too dirty.

There are dolls after this, when a Mummy bag is also good, bottles, tableware, diapers, doll clothes are estimated to be stuffed, recommended!

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Lv speedy25 gift for mom review

Lv speedy25 gift for mom review

Lv speedy25 shoulder straps gift for mom
The young lady who received the new package must be very excited and very happy. Then she started to worry about it in a few days. The jeans faded to the bag, how to deal with all kinds of dirty stains, and how to deal with the hardware. I will tell you about the nursing update after getting the new package today. ❤️

first step! First get the lv new package must be smeared! Apply oil! Apply oil! [Important things say three times] The smear is to enhance the waterproof, oil-proof and anti-dirty ability of the color-changing skin! And I personally think that the honey color is the best color. What kind of oil is wiped? The first article [French Flavours] is a very detailed introduction.

The second step! Wipe the hardware regularly with a silver cloth! This matter is also very important, because once you ignore this, your hardware will be oxidized and blackened, and even more serious is that it is difficult to get rid of the bag! Wipe the price of silver cloth and buy a gilt-free silver cloth. If you buy it cheaply, you can wipe it clean. 💛

The third must! Decontamination cream, here I have personal experience with tears recommend this artifact. See Figure 3.4 for details. Because I forgot to rub the hardware, the oxidation turned black and dyed onto the bag. The color at the beginning was really very difficult to read. At that time, the photo was not taken clearly, and it was much better after using the decontamination cream in Figure 4. 💚

The fourth must-have recommendation! Coach cleaner for all leather bags! Even the delicate sheepskin can be used, lv all-inclusive can be used with leather, I used to wipe the old flowers, a bottle of detergent a bottle of oil.

How to use: Clean with a cleanser, air dry for 30 minutes, then apply to the coach’s maintenance oil. Note that it is normal to darken the color slightly after the cleaning agent is applied. After drying, it will not be printed. 💙

Fifth recommendation! See Figure 7. Metal polishing paste is also called copper paste. It is used for the hardware which is particularly severe in oxidation and has serious black spot stains. It can not be wiped off with silver cloth. When wiping, it is best to use a tape to stick the outer ring of the hardware to protect it (the stain is harder to clean on the skin), and then wipe the hardware with a cotton cloth to restore the smoothness. But this method is used with caution! Not particularly bad and not recommended.

The above content is the nursing update of the [French Pack] version. For the first and second mentioned, the oyster sauce and decontamination cream [French strip] have detailed explanations. What else do you miss? Miss sister welcomes the message and everyone discusses ~💜

————————————————Division line supplement

There are some young ladies and sisters who don’t know the difference between “decontamination cream” and “coach cleaning kit”. Let me talk about it here.

Decontamination cream is a first-aid product, used for all stains, jeans dyeing, etc… Used in small areas, where is the dirty and rubbed.

Coach cleaning kit, belonging to daily care products, all-inclusive, in addition to the package for lv, like a wandering bag, etc. All leather can be used!

Strictly speaking, there are two kinds of coaches, one is leather leather for leather bags, and the other is pvc cleaner. I bought this leather care. Strictly speaking, the old flower is not a leather, but pvc. I also use it to clean the old flowers, so I saved a bottle of pvc money. I am worried about the usage or the young lady who is paying attention to buy pvc~

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cheap designer bags Gucci Emily review

cheap designer bags Gucci Emily review

Gucci Emily Chain Bag
🍎 Purchase time: December 2015

I bought this bag for a long time. I bought it at the shop in Hong Kong, because I bought something else at the time, so the specific price was a bit untenable. The color of the object is ash, which is better than this picture.

When the package was just bought, I couldn’t do it. I felt that the color was too deep. Not good looking. But then I can’t carry the pink Capucines to work, and I have been carrying this and Furla’s chain bag when I didn’t buy the two old flowers.

🍎This is really super versatile. When wearing some pretty ladies’ skirts, you can use a single shoulder, and when you wear casual clothes, you can turn it into a long chain bag. And very resistant to dirt, backed up for a long time or very new look, put a long wallet without pressure, you can also plug a pad mini into the work. The only downside is that the length of the chain cannot be adjusted. For me, the slash is a bit long! 😞

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japan rolex review

japan rolex review

japan rolex review,I haven’t seen you for a long time, my thousand cute fans.
In view of the fact that many domestic friends come to Japan to buy Rolex here to share with you the strategy of buying labor in Japan.

First of all, to purchase Rolex in Japan, there are two options. One is that the watch that is purchased at Rolex-authorized stores is called straight-line goods, and the other is that parallel goods such as the unlicensed shop of the Gem Plaza, such as the turtle, are known as parallel imports. In this article, I will only introduce you to the straight line. I will make a post on the parallel store’s strategy.

In addition to some regular items that are bought at the store, I don’t say here to focus on how to capture the black water ghost green water dike in Japan.

A lot of friends went into the store and asked i want sub green/black directly. When the clerk heard the s, the clerk started to say no, okay, all the Japanese clerk of the Rolex will definitely say three Chinese water ghosts. Goodbye 😊 Please don’t talk to the clerk after entering the store. Be sure to look around the counter and let the clerk notice you and take the initiative to ask what you need. At this time, you’d better take a try inside the counter and say it is not as good as the black/green water ghost. At this time, there are two kinds of possibilities, namely, sorry, sold out. The other is the result we want. When you hear the three words wait, check, and ask, you can prepare for your stunner. If you are quick and quick, the chances of catching a job will be greatly reduced, because the clerk will send you a word and save him. Use my method to increase the overall chance by at least 50%. Don’t ask me why 50 is not 80.

People who travel to Japan may not have time to do a search for each store like me, so the store I mentioned below can be focused on your fishing trip. Because I am in Tokyo, I only say that there is no discussion in other parts of Tokyo.

First stop Tokyo Daimaru Store Recommended Index🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Address: 10th Floor, 1-9-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Phone: +81 332128011

This shop is my blessing. My first green water ghost is from this house. There is a great chance that the replenishment will be replenished between 1 pm and 3 pm.

Second stop Ginza and Mumoto store Index 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Address: 1st Floor, Asahi, 6-6-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Phone: +81 355681879

This store is the head office. The number of incoming goods is more than that of other stores. Once I took a friend to meet a green ghost, I suddenly couldn’t contact him. When I went back, I was already out out and remorse.

Third Station Takashimaya Shinjuku Store Recommended Index🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Address: 4th Floor, 5-24-2, Millennium Valley, Tokyo

Phone: +81 353611111

This store is small, but the goods are quite black gold ghosts lying quietly on the counter, can you believe? The above three stores must go

The length of the question can only be written so much.

The next one talks about the parallel store’s little attention and more motivation.

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gucci Marmont bag review

gucci Marmont bag review

gucci Marmont bag review

This time I went to Malay and went to Gucci. It was the cheapest price in Asia. I wanted to buy the most classic black marmont, but it felt normal after the back, and it was really bad.

Then the male ticket suddenly told me that this bag looks good, I generally don’t believe in the straight man’s eyes, but this one really looks like it at first glance! ! And the real thing is really much better than the photo. It’s a lot of super-red red and black color matching and postman style, especially the slight old-fashioned sense of the chain. It is my favorite part. The hand and the cross-back are good-looking, and the capacity is better than the round cake I bought before. Bigger. The new model also upgraded the leather and hardware, more wearable and lasting. The key point is that this bag was just arrived in the morning! The first in Kuala Lumpur! ! I can’t help but pick up the hand. This RM is 8580, which is equivalent to more than 14,000 yuan. It is a gift for half a year.

In short, I like the retro girl, I really can’t miss this bag.

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cheap designer belts ferragamo belts review 75$

cheap designer ferragamo belts review

cheap designer ferragamo belts review

As a professional, it is a must-have to dress properly and generously.

White shirts and black pants are less prone to mistakes, so I have a variety of styles of white shirts and a variety of styles of black pants.

Speaking of suit pants, if you put a white shirt directly, sometimes it will be too formal or somewhat dull, then it is particularly important to have a belt with a finishing touch.

Rao Rao today is a Ferragamo golden horseshoe mouth belt, blue and burgundy double-sided leather belt, these two days at a discount (30% off), calculated to calculate rmb2350.

Recommend to everyone salvatore ferragamo

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Louis Vuitton New Wave reveiw

Louis Vuitton New Wave reveiw

Louis Vuitton New Wave reveiw,LV online store experience | You can buy a limited edition of New Wave without waiting in line!
Louis Vuitton’s latest New Wave bag is great! At first glance, I saw the Lookbook being planted. The design of this bag is inspired by the mainstream New Wave music style of the 80s. The outline of the bag itself is full of youthful rhythm. The back is like a small guitar with color Vuitton printing, especially suitable for summer. Passionate atmosphere, I really want to buy a back to the music festival!

The bag is also very practical. The material is soft lambskin. The shoulder bag is equipped with a short strap and a long chain strap. There are two sizes to choose from. The small one is also suitable for use as a clutch. In addition, the same series also has a tote model and a smaller clutch.

In terms of color, in addition to the classic black red and white base color, there are also Malibu green and smoothie pink suitable for summer. On July 16th, you can buy it at the official flagship store of Louis Vuitton online! It will be on sale at the store on August 18. Among them, the pink model is only available online at the flagship store.

I myself haven’t been to the physical store for a long time. Usually I only buy and buy online, which is convenient and fast, and the goods are comprehensive and clear at a glance. So especially recommend to go to Louis Vuitton EC to go shopping! After-sales customer service is also very perfect, you can also buy while watching the show and show video! Among them, I love to go shopping, the gift recommendation is very comprehensive and considerate, many items have free customized service, can solve all the gift problems perfectly! And recently the new monogram handbag page, there are many old-fashioned bags that are difficult to buy in many physical stores, you can hurry to find out!

Louis Vuitton, my bag has never hit a new bag, the most worthwhile investment bag, monogram, sharing a good life, gift, matching reference, late evening, sister, big chain bag, newwave

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Lv New Wave Series Chain Bag review

Lv New Wave Series Chain Bag review

Lv New Wave Series Chain Bag
Since NICOLAS GHESQUIÈRE has served as lv women’s art director

Lv began to become alive and give people a bright feeling

In recent days, lv has launched a new series, New Wave quilted chain bag!

New Wave bag, starting from the brand “travel art” and the 80s music style New Wave as a design source, using black and red two classic color elements to express the characteristics of the package

The large LOGO logo, embedded in the wavy surface of the delicate padding design, is derived from the branded product library, and the pattern on one of the suitcases evolved.

Inspired by the bright and colorful appearance, the wavy-grained suitcase is used as a source of inspiration. It is like re-experiencing the 80s, embracing the joy and enriching the spirit of life.

🌟Material 🌟

Made of smooth calfskin

🌟 size 🌟

Medium size: 25.0 x 15.0 x 7.5 cm (length x height x width)

Small size: 21.0 x 13.0 x 6.5 cm (length x height x width)

Purchase point A✨

The chain bag is getting more and more horizontal, and the lv chain package is also more selective.

No matter what you wear, it’s the finishing touch. The compact chain bag is brightly colored and adds a lot of appeal.

Purchase point B✨

The bag is very small, the chain is very long, and the slashing is easy.

The chain can be shrunk, and it is also suitable for girls of all sizes.

Purchase point C✨

Hand, shoulder, crossbody, multiple ways

It’s not tall or the slanting look is good, the shape of the body is bumpy and more feminine.

The smooth calfskin is decorated with wavy quilting, and the handle is the same as the gorgeous ROCKSTUD SPIKE bag. It has a colorful logo design and is also very bright!

Purchase point D✨

New Wave series lv chain bag is full of girls! Especially the color aspect

Petite figure, wake up, pink color, envelope flap, soft lines, wavy quilting, colorful logo handle, chain shoulder strap

This chain bag seems to be full of girlishness for every highlight!

Lv new New Wave quilted series launched two bags

One is an envelope chain bag, and the other is a tote bag. The former has a size number.

The most important thing is the first quilting series of lv!

Speaking of here, it is more popular than the popular GG MARMONT quilted bag.

This lv New Wave has another highlight.

That is the rainbow color logo handle design!

The new series launched in the summer is also full of strong summer style!

At last! ! ! High color value white, large capacity, practical and versatile! ! !

It’s so nice to watch it🌟

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cheap designer belts gucci tiger 65$

cheap designer belts gucci

cheap designer belts gucci tiger,The relatives who will be just girlfriends travel in Europe, help bring, super cheap 2080 yuan, at least three thousand + at home, specifically forgot.

At that time, I only wanted to buy a belt. The style was really anxious. I had talked before the Korean purchase. The 1V1 video, the duty-free shop is not suitable for my husband, but the appropriate width and length were consulted.

And the girlfriends watched the official website selection, and finally chose this, it is still good, 3cm wide and 95cm wide, the result is not enough for the husband to try on, too long. . . I also deliberately bought a puncher. Hahaha

Husband is very rough, looking at the brand is very light, even if the price is used very casual, in fact, I still appreciate this mentality

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Omega seamaster 300

Omega seamaster 300

Omega seamaster 300,Cost-effective crying, Japan buy Omega 50% off!
50% off Nima! ! ! !

Save one Longines or the like, or two

Omega diving watch

Hippocampus 300 meters dial 41mm

Domestic 32400, Japan 16000+

Sending a male ticket is awesome, he likes it very much.

Then Breitling, Tiger TAG Heuer, Casio, are all worthwhile

Going to the next time, I’m going to give you a good look.


Gift for male ticket

📛This shop name is Kakatu

Location Tokyo Nakano Subway Station

Figure 2 Figure 3⃣️

This new Omega watch

Constellation series

Helping people to see, did not succeed in buying, 20,000 in the early ~

Shop name one wind knight

Location at Shinsaibashi Walking Street, Osaka

Everyone asks the questions are almost the same, a unified reply

1⃣️ The 50% discount I said is not a discount in Japan, and the Japanese price is equivalent to about 50% of the domestic public price, which means that 40,000 domestic watches can be bought in Japan for 20,000 yuan.

In addition, the price tag has a tax-included price and a tax-free price. Foreigners buy it, which is a tax-free price. Japanese people buy a tax-included price.

2⃣️About Global Warranty

The piece I bought is a European insurance card, enjoying the global warranty.

You have to go to the store, find the corresponding table, and take a specific piece of the table to ask, is it a European insurance card, the warranty card is not stamped, it is not acceptable without stamping (so some insurance cards are not stamped) The price is still cheaper)

Most of the treasures bought are also bought in Japan, but because the insurance cards are European insurance cards, they all say that they are imported from Europe.

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designer bags Gucci Ophidia nano

Gucci Ophidia nano

At first glance, Gucci Ophidia nano must be bought. Gucci
The last stop in Italy is Rome. When I went to the Plaza de España, it was not much time to catch a flight. I just saw a newly opened Gucci. There are many people inside, but most of them are looking at the classic double G bag. I feel that the girls and ladies on the street have the bag. . . . As a person who never buys a popular bag, I look at the small bucket at the top of the shelf at a glance. It should be a new one. The classic pattern with the mini size is so cute and explosive, there are two Size, the small one I bought, may also be called the mini model, and one is very big, as big as the Lv big bucket, too big for me, and immediately decided to start. 890 euros, Italy with a tax of 12, and finally the renminbi should be around 6266. I put XSmax, folded wallet, lipstick, powder cake, car key, a pack of napkins inside, and the capacity is completely enough for everyday use. This trip to Italy has won two Guccis, it is super happy, the last written Gucci garden bag is also love to not, satisfied.